How do I cancel or change an order that has been submitted on the B2B website?

Once an order has been submitted it cannot be canceled online. Please contact a representative immediately at 1-877-477-2281. Customer service will cancel the order. You will then have the option of submitting a new order while on the phone or placing a new order online.

What has changed about Carhartt Licensed Products?

Previously the Carhartt Licensed Products (CLP) team was based in Saginaw, MI and worked for a third party company. CLP is now manned by direct employees of the companies that produce the socks, belts, wallets, and gloves. Your representative will be able to provide you with greater product detail, more timely promotions, and improved customer service.

Will there be a sales rep calling me?

Yes, an inside sales representative from Carhartt Licensed Products will be calling to service all of your Carhartt accessory needs.

Where do we send checks for payment to American Accessories, Inc.?

American Accessories, Inc.
PO Box 31001-2258
Pasadena, CA 91110-2258


I misplaced my Carhartt catalog, how can I see the merchandise?

Access the entire product line at our B2B website or call and we can mail a physical catalog or email an electronic version.

Can I pay for my entire order with a credit card?

American Accessories, Inc. will accept credit card payment. Please contact your representative for assistance at 1-877-477-2281.

What are the terms for licensed products?

Standard terms are “Net 30 days”

Will any items be replenishable?

All belts, suspenders and wallets are available for replenishment. 

What is the minimum for “free shipping”?

There is no regular “free shipping” but free freight promotions are offered at key times during the year. Your representative will contact you during promotional events or you can check the B2B websites to see current offers.

Is there a co-op program with Carhartt Licensed Products?

There is a 2% co-op program for Carhartt belts, suspenders and wallets. 

Are there minimum order quantities?

For belts, wallets, and suspenders there is a 6 piece mix and match minimum order.

Does American Accessories, Inc. keep backorders open?

We ship and cancel. Please contact your representative to make a special request for a backorder.

Will any retailer be able to purchase Carhartt Licensed Products?

ONLY existing Carhartt apparel retailers will be able to purchase Carhartt Licensed Products.

Will my Carhartt account number remain the same?

Yes, when you contact Carhartt Licensed Products Sales & Service, you can reference your existing Carhartt account number.


Phone: 1-877-477-2281
FAX: 1-877-477-1008
Email: customerservice@directclp.com